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Y Saturday, January 17, 2009
class tshirt


i've just went to collect the class jerseys from queensway. the 's' on the '08s27' on the sleeve may have abit of stain. some may have some may not have. it's because the person initially printed it as '08527' so i got them to change it. you can try washing it and see if the stain will drop. but if can't i guess there's nothing we can do about it also. but the stain isn't too obvious. sorry for this problem.

the people who are more lucky are...Junrong, Jasmine, Sheryl, Jerry, Joanne, Wanfong. The stain can say is can't be seen..unless u look really really closely. The others, fret not, I've checked all pieces, not really really serious. Can't see the stain when you are wearing it unless someone observes you very closely. Sorry again for the problem.

pls confirm with me if you can pay me the money this wednesday, 21st Jan [refer to last post to check how much you needa pay] if you can pay me on wed then i'll bring your jersey along. thanks :D


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Y Friday, January 9, 2009
price for class jersey


School is going to start soon...in less than 3 days time. I know it sucks. Ok as mentioned, I'm going to let you guys know about the cutdown to the price of the class jersey and the total amount each of you need to pay me.

The jersey was bought at paragon mizuno concept shop, at $32.90 each. But i thought it would be cheaper to get member at $38 and then get a discount of 40% off every piece we bought. I bought the jersey for 25 ppl.

Membership fee --> 38/25= $1.52 each

Jersey --> 32.90 X 0.6 [40% off] = $19.74 each

Printing --> $9.00 each

So the total cost is $30.26. But for easier collection of money, pay $30 for the class jersey. The remaining money take it that I pay for it. Really sorry for such an expensive jersey. Didn't expect it to be so expensive in the end. If you have no financial problems, try to pay on the first day of school caz I have financial problems already. Haha! If not possible you guys can take your time to pay for it, paying for it in installments or wad. But please let me know a date that you can pay for it [prefarably before chinese new year] :D

So here's the final list of how much you gotta pay including the class chalet.

1] sheryl $8.70+$30= $38.70
2] eddie $8.70+$30= $38.70
3] alisa $9+$30= $39
4] junrong $4+$30= $34
5] yanglin $4+$30= $34
6] vinci $4+$30= $34
7] kaiyao $4+$30= $34
8] zarina $4+$30= $34
9] jerry $4+$30= $34
10] fiona $4+$30= $34
11] jasmine $4+$30= $34
12] yichao $4+$30= $34

The rest not included in this list will have to pay $33. Once again, sorry for making such an expensive class jersey. Hope you will like the jersey.


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Y Thursday, December 25, 2008
merry x'mas

Merry X'mas everyone. Hope all of you will enjoy your christmas :D

Alright, there are 2 issues i wanna tell u guys in this post. 

Firstly, the class chalet thing. As I have mentioned before, monetary issues are very sensitive. However, due to a mistake in the calculations on my part, I collected a short of about $100, already minusing off those who havent paid. As it is quite a large amount to me, I gotta collect another round of money from you guys. This time $3 per person. The remaining money i will pay it caz it's my fault that i made the mistake. Here's the whole list of who have to pay how much.

1] sheryl $8.70
2] eddie $8.70
3] alisa $9
4] junrong $4
5] yanglin $4
6] vinci $4
7] kaiyao $4
8] zarina $4
9] jerry $4
10] fiona $4
11] jasmine $4
12] yichao $4

the rest of the people who went for the chalet and not included in this list will have to pay $3 more. I'll get it from you guys when school starts. I'm really sorry for making such a big mistake. and the reason why i'm only mentioning it so long after the chalet is caz i was quite busy in the past month. sorry again.

secondly, the class jersey. the adidas jersey that was chosen previously went out of stock. caz this issue have been dragged for a long time, i have chosen a design already and have also paid for all the jerseys. i have not sent them for printing yet so i can't confirm the price. will update again soon. the jersey is from mizuno, base colour white, with a little lime green and dark blue. 

Hope you guys will like it. And sorry for not putting the choices here caz the discount they is ending so i have to make the decision on the spot. sorry. 

And, please tell me either through tagboard or sms or msn whether you prefer the number printed to be the number you chose last time or your own index number. thanks.

After getting the shirts printed, i will confirm with you guys the total price :D


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Y Thursday, December 4, 2008
class jersey

the design for the class jersey have been chosen. it's a adidas jersey, white as main colour and golden stripes. will show u guys the picture soon. price of it is about $25 per shirt. please note that it's an estimate, price may be higher or lower. as for the size, i will try comparing it with the school house tshirt and let you know. thx


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Y Tuesday, November 25, 2008
designs of class jersey

here are some of the designs that i picked out for our class jersey.

price i can't confirm yet caz my fren can get it at special discount and if buy in bulk will have more discount. just wanna ask if anybody disagree with the designs? caz if i go ahead and ask for quotations already, it will be hard to change the design. will get prices from my friend on saturday so any comments you can sms me :D


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Y Sunday, November 9, 2008
class tshirt

thanks all who have turned up for the chalet. i think it's quite successful. hope you guys did enjoy it.

now for the class tshirt issue. i have shortlisted the choices to jersey. 

1] do u guys prefer drifit polo or drifit roundneck? 
2] tell me which number you prefer and the name you want to print on it. 
3] your size

the prices and stuff i will update you guys again. hope all of you will co-operate and sms or msn me your preferences towards 1 and 2. thanks.


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Class Chalet

Pictures from Xanthe's camera are available in this bucket. Please be careful not to spill any of its contents in a frenzy of excitement as every bit of information is priceless and irreplaceable. Thank you!

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